What is Fouta?

The fouta is a hand made 100% cotton towel, measuring 1 meter X 2 meters( 78" X 38" ) and weighs about 400 grams ( 15 OZ ), the fouta is soft, supple, light and very absorbent. It has the advantage of drying quickly, the sand does not stick, unlike the traditional beach towel.

Very easy to carry in a bag, a suitcase or by hand. You can use the fouta in different ways: take it to the beach, to the pool, plaid, pareo, thrown from a sofa, bed, tablecloth, to the bathroom etc ... 

At One Tendance, we have a multitude of colors and weaves: flat fouta, honeycomb fouta, chevron fouta and sponge lined fouta, and many more to come.

At One Tendance, we guarantee that our product is made from the highest quality cotton to last longer. All our foutas are 100% authentic Tunisian fouta. Each confection of fouta requires a real artisanal work with fringes braided by hand, by Tunisian women


At One Tendance we also have a range of high quality plaid / throw!

What is a plaid?

Nowadays in many countries, the plaid / throw is a thick and warm blanket that we place on a sofa to accompany you during the coolest and coolest periods to warm you up and add a touch of sweetness to your evenings winter.

So do not hesitate and try our range.Satisfaction guaranteed